Beautiful Place by the Sea – Ogunquit, ME #2

Visiting Ogunquit, Maine was an incredible experience. I totally fell in love with the shore and the breaking waves. I was walking along the shore, imagining what my life would look like after graduating from high school. I remember setting a timer that counted the days until prom and it said something like 512 days. Now it is august and I graduated five month ago, I still cannot believe how fast the time passed by.
Two years ago, I was not even sure if I would even graduate. I was afraid of failing and I thought that the Abitur will be the most demanding and difficult accomplishment in life.
Well, absolutely not. I did not study very much for my exams (I don’t even know why), but in the end, it turned out that it was enough. Little effort, good results, happy Sophie.
Unfortunately, I totally messed up my Politics and Economics exam but not because I haven’t studied hard enough, I studied too much. Consequently, less is more!

Three cheers for Minimalism at all points.

Two years ago, I came up with the idea of doing one year of  Work & Travel in Australia after graduation. A year ago, I wanted to go to Uni as early a possible and planned to do Solo-Travelling in South East Asia for 10 weeks. Well, now I will do both. Even though I will not be travelling for 12 month, I am pretty happy with my decision.
I wish I could spend at least a month in every country I will visit in South East Asia but hindsight is easier than foresight.
When we booked our flights I thought that two weeks in Malaysia will be sufficient. Today I wish I would leave by the end of august instead of leaving in september.
Nevertheless, seven month are still a long time and I hope that there will still be some time for travelling after uni or between bachelor’s and master’s degree.

However, I am excited as hell. Currently, I am decluttering again and I already put all my belongings into boxes because I will hopefully move out next year. I love my family and friends but I think it is time to go and my journey will be the start of a new phase in my life.
It feels like I am trapped on a starting block. I want to jump into cold water and start swimming immediately, but the referee just says:

„On your marks, get set, get set, get set,…“

I am waiting for the „go“. The „go“ will happen in less than three weeks but I cannot wait anymore.

Oh and I am quite sure that you have already noticed that I have changed my blog theme. Well, this was an accident and now I have to figure out how to get my old design back or look for a new one that really pleases me. Very smart Sophie, very smart.
Always remember:

Never, like never (!!) randomly click on the „Activate new blog theme“ – button.

Actually, I just wanted to have a look at the Live-Demo.
I am counting the cost now.

Anyway, this is my little life update. I hope you enjoy my second Ogunquit photography series.

Maine-24Maine-23Maine-26Maine-22Maine-27Maine-21Maine-16Maine-20Maine-15Maine-19Maine-28Maine-14Maine-18Perkins Cove
Maine-13Happy Travelers Maine-17

xx, Sophie

Field Trip – Ogunquit, ME

Welcome back to the United States of America! I already talked about New York City a couple of weeks ago. In 2015, I spent two weeks in Massachusetts and in New York.
I stayed with a host family near Boston for ten days and went to High School with my host sister. It was very interesting to go to class with her, since the school system is partly completely different in comparison to the German school system.
However, we were a group of German students and beside going to school with our host brothers and sisters, we also visited certain museums in Boston and also explored the city.
Additionally, we went on a field trip to Maine which is upstate Massachusetts.
Today, I will be showing you some pictures of Ogunquit, a small town which is part of the Portland metropolitan area. In the indigenous Abenaki language, „Ogunquit“ means „Beautiful place by the sea“ – Nomen est omen
The weather was bad, it was april.


The bus driver opens the doors of the great yellow school bus and a fresh breeze is blowing outside. I tighten my scarf and look around. It is foggy and cold.
What I see is stunning.


The little town reminds my of Twin Peaks, a television programme from the nineties where a young woman was murdered and found by the river „wrapped in plastic“.
Even though Twin Peaks was filmed near Seattle in Washington, the moody and gloomy atmosphere is the same.


Mist is lying on the water, it’s so foggy that I can barely imagine that Ogunquit is located directly by the Atlantic Ocean. Yellow and grey houses perfectly match the grey troubled water and the yellow-orange grass.


I take a deep breath, the air tastes salty and my cold fingers can’t stop taking photographs of the sea, the houses and the empty streets. I’m freezing, my body wants to go back to the bus but my soul yearns for more. More fresh air, more deep breaths. 


My feet are cold but I won’t stop walking down the abandoned streets.
I wonder how this beautiful place may look in summer, when people are coming out of their houses, embracing the beauty of their town and the shore.


I fell in love with this town.


Have a nice week,